Star Wars: An Ancient Threat

Arrival on Kattada
Day 6

The Rusted Hawk lands in a spaceport in the city of Anomizu. Knowing that Hodge only has one working lung, and hours to live at best they rush to a nearby hospital to get him treated. It is hard to ignore the festive mood of the city, and on the way the group learns that the prestigious swoop race, The Vonterra Classic, will be taking place in just a couple days.

Hodge is admitted to the hospital where he will be kept until he has recovered, and rakes up a hefty bill that obliterates the Rusted Hawk’s emergency funds. With Hodge Mesa’s fate out of their hands, Aviim, Roz, Mannis and Sam return to the ship. Ylime and Roe decide to head down to the track and investigate the swoop race together.

Initially the two have trouble getting into the garage where the swoops are being stored but Ylime forges an id, and poses as reporter looking to interview the racers. Roe poses as her bodyguard, Roe. After discovering that first place winner of the Vonterra Classic will receive a grand prize of a quarter million credits, and a trophy worth almost as much they decide to do what they can to procure swoop bikes and enter the event.

Meanwhile back on the Rusted Hawk, Roz is visited by a group of Renegade soldiers. They recognized the Rusted Hawk as being one of the only ships to escape from Sarem Station, and are trying to find out what happed to their informant. Roz tells them that he and Nelec had traveled together briefly but that the man was unfortunately gunned down by the New Dominion. He neglects to share with them the hidden data disk. Frustrated at the loss of Nelec the Renegades reveal that things have not been going well for them, and Roz learns of the Renegade pilot being held captive by the Black Sun. She is scheduled to be auctioned off after the race, and Roz manages to talk up his piloting skills enough that the Renegades want to sponsor Roz for the Vonterra Classic under the condition that he use the winnings to buy back their pilot. Roz agrees to the trade if the Renegades are willing to provide mechanics and materials to fix up the Rusted Hawk, as well as change the ships credentials so that it will no longer be pinged as a threat by New Dominion radar.

After (rightfully) being denied sponsorship by every swoop dealership in town, Roe and Ylime are beginning to get desperate. They could really use the prize money on the flying metal death trap that is the Rusted Hawk, and to help cover Hodge’s hospital bills, and Roe has become interested in a secondary prize—Access to princess Vaira’s birthday celebration. They decide to take out a loan with the banking clan. Roe is certain that her piloting skills will be good enough to win the money back to pay the loan, and Ylime is certain that anything that involves computers can be persuaded to work in her favor. They acknowledge that sometimes things do not go as planned, and “borrow” Sam’s id in order to procure the loan.

Swoop racers are purchased with the borrowed money and Mannis decides that he wants in on the action as well. Aviim learns from Roz the Renegades’ plan and chooses to do what she can to help him win the prize.

Before the race Ylime and Mannis head down to Black Sun territory. Ylime places a substantial bet with the remaining credits that Roe will win the race. Mannis bets that Ylime will lose. The two hope that The Black Sun never finds out that they know one another.

Aboard the Abdicator
Day 5

Fourteen hours have passed since the Rusted Hawk was forced aboard Darth Nificus’ ship, the Abdicator. They have only been fed once in this time, are weaponless, gearless, and their new droid companion is nowhere to be seen. Nobody is aware of the exact reasons for their detainment though the potential list is extensive.

Cohabitating the cell with them is a scarred and maimed Weequay named Seth Salcoon. He claims to be a professional hit man who has successfully assassinated a senator, but everyone is too preoccupied with their own predicament to pay him much mind.

Since there is not much to do in the cell Mannis opts to try a simple breathing exercise that his old master had taught him to focus and calm himself. He falls into a meditative trance and is granted a force vision. Mannis dreams of a helmeted man in dark armor worshiping what appears to be a holicron. Although Mannis has never seen Darth Nificus in person he recognises that that must be the person in his vision. He tells the group what he saw. Roz, having trained with the Jedi, is interested but Roe scoffs at the information.

The door to the cell finally opens and a man from the New Dominion Security Bureau, and several armed guards escort Aviim away for questioning. The group agrees that they are likely running out of time, and should an opportunity arise they will have to make a break for it.

 The bald man who was present during their arrival aboard The Abdicator takes over the interrogation of Aviim, and is convinced that the Twi’lek woman knows something about Lt. Nelec and his data disk. Roz has opted to keep Nelec’s dying request a secret and has not told anyone else out the hand off. Aviim is willing to barter a deal with the New Dominion, but does not have anything of value to them; they already know of the stolen weapons and are uninterested. The interrogator, thinking that Aviim is being willfully obstinate, orders for one of her companions to be brought to him.

The security team returns, this time making a grab for Hodge. They escort him away but one of the troopers is held back when the group begins to question him. Before the last trooper can leave to catch up with the others Roe jams the cell door, preventing it from trapping them again while Roz jumps the man and tackles him to the ground. Provoked by having his best friend taken Roz begins to beat the surprised New Dominion trooper in a fit of rage. Roe tries to restrain Roz before he kills the man. This enrages the zabrak, saying that she backed out on her word to help them escape. Roe argues that she was willing to help in the escape, but that did not include beating a prone, unarmed man to death or aiding Roz in his emotional acts of revenge.

Mannis and Sam try to get the team focused on an escape plan; they have limited time before reinforcements arrive. The weequay assassin races away determined to make it off the ship, and make the New Dominion hurt. He disappears around the corner and is rapidly gunned down. New Dominion troopers come to investigate how a prisoner escaped but Mannis convinces them (with the help of the force) that he is a New Dominion officer and he was taking the other prisoners for questioning when the assassin escaped. With Mannis at the lead the group, retrieves their stuff, their JJ unit (to have its memory core examined), and walk out of the brig relatively unmolested.

In the interrogation room, the inquisitor reaches his boiling point at not being told anything from Aviim or Hodge. He activates one of his lightsabers and impales Hodge through the chest. Through the force Roz feels his friend’s anguish, assumes the worst, and hurries off in the direction of his friends.

Roz finds Aviim with the distracted inquisitor and Hodge’s body. Quietly he helps release Aviim from her shackles, and hands her her lightsaber. The two along with Mannis attack the inquisitor. Knowing that the battleship is staffed with more New Dominion troopers than a small town, and that there would be no hope to fight through everyone, Roe and Ylime decide to run for the Rusted Hawk before reinforcements arrive. Ylime scampers off but before Roe leaves she realizes that Hodge is alive though gravely injured. Upset at the blatant lack of adherence to Interrogation Protocol followed by a man she assumes to be a fellow inquisitor Roe decides to help the Rusted Hawks’ captain as a way of making amends. She drags Hodge away, but soon finds it difficult to locate any unsecured medical equipment.

Roz, Mannis and Aviim realise that the inquisitor has them outmatched in terms of skill and equipment, but they manage to weaken him enough to flee. They regroup with Roe and Sam who have stabilized Hodge, and Ylime who had become distracted by an unguarded computer terminal and the promise of stolen information, and the group runs to where the Rusted Hawk  has been impounded, troopers hot on their heels. They reach their ship, and fly away on the now reclaimed Rusted Hawk, destroying part of The Abdicator in the process.

Upon their escape, the crew discovers that The Abdicator is in orbit around the Planet Katada, and appears to be in a standoff with a small Republic fleet. Despite the New Dominion dreadnought being close, the crew knows that Hodge’s best shot at survival lies on the nearby world. Short on time, they seek help on Katada and hopefully avoid their captors.

Retrieving the Rusted Hawk
Day 4

In the detention centre Hodge Mesa is discovered to be alive, but incarcerated. While trying to free him, the party is ambushed by a group of Telam Vek’s men. The newly repaired JJ-4B releases Hodge from his cell as the rest take care of the attackers. An argument between Roz and Hodge breaks out over whole sale prices and it is revealed that their ship is stuffed with crates of stolen New Dominion weapons. The two believe that the New Dominion must be after them. Cpt. Nelec and Roe do not agree with assessment and Roe is adamant that Nificus would never be sent to personally deal with a pair of smugglers.

While searching through the radio chatter Roz overhears that New Dominion personnel are present at Telam Vek’s hangar—presumably continuing their search, and that more scavengers have been alerted to the break in as well. Knowing that the New Dominion helmets cannot protect against poison gas, Ylime and Roz decide that it should be possible to vent the reactors and hopefully take care of the approaching men. The togruta slicer also takes a moment to attach Telam Vek’s self destruct system to her gauntlet—just in case. Not wanting to be involved in the slow painful death of her countrymen Roe uses her own communicator to impersonate an officer and relocate the New Dominion troopers to another sector of the hangar where they will be safe from the harmful gas.

In the corridor on their way to the hangar where the Rusted Hawk is parked the party’s progress is stopped by Telam Vek and a few gangsters. Telam Vek is an aging Twi’lek, past his prime, but is heavily armed.  Ylime is determined to end this as quickly as possible abnd races back to the jail with the majority of the group. Roe (who has a breather capable of filtering toxins), and Mannis (who doesn't’t like to be told the odds) stay back to keep Telam and his men from pursuing the others. Ylime uses the security console in the detention centre to seal the corridor Mannis and Roe are fighting in and promptly floods the enclosed space with toxic fumes. Telam and his gang succumb quickly to a combination of the poison and wounds sustained in the fight leaving the door to the hangar clear.

The Rusted Hawk itself is surround by New Dominion troopers. Roz rushes in to create a distraction, and the rest of the group makes a b-line for the ship. Captain Nelec who is still recovering from his earlier injuries has trouble keeping up and is shot several times in the back. Mannis pulls him onto the ship but it is obvious that he will not last long. As soon as Roz jumps aboard the Rusted Hawk takes off with Aviim and Hodge piloting. Ylime concludes that they cannot risk being chased by the New Dominion vessels, and activates the self-destruct sequence at the compound. Telam Vek’s fortress and the better part of the Sarem outpost go up in a cloud of smoke.

The new crew of the Rusted Hawk are occupied with making a getaway; Roz goes to see if anything can be done for the dying Nelec. Nelec retrieves a data disk from inside his coat and hands it off to Roz urging him to get the information to the Renegades. Roz pockets the disk, but says nothing as the informantbpasses away.

The team wants to jump to hyperspace and run, but the Dreadnaught from earlier catches the Rusted Hawk in its tractor beam. Roe is incredulous that so much effort is being put into detaining this one ship (even if it is brimming with stolen weapons), and finally pieces together that Nelec may be what the New Dominion was searching for this whole time. She goes to investigate and upon ripping through the dead man’s personal effects finds New Dominion dog tags designated to a Lt. Nelec.

The rusted Hawk is pulled into the belly of the dreadnought and the crew is told to disembark. Upon exiting the ship Aviim spots a tall, bald, man clad in black robes watching them from a viewing platform.

Telam Vek's Fortress
Day 3

The team meets up in the junk yard to hunt down the astromech. Roz fashions a sled out of scrap parts to help them transport the droid, a broken JJ unit. He is confident that he’ll be able to get it up and running once they’re out of danger. Although he knows that the new plan is to slice their way into the hanger Roz has been somewhat successful finding parts to build a bomb and wants to finish what was started.

Ylime realises that despite everyone’s best efforts, the security system has been tripped and sees over the camera a group of junkers coming to investigate the disturbance. Mannis grabs the astromech droid carries it back to town while the rest hold off the newly arrived junkers. Ylime provides support over the communicators. The junkers call backup, but before the group can be overrun Roz tells them to run and detonates his makeshift bomb. The bomb sets off a chain of explosions that destroy the entirety of the scrap yard.

Once everyone has reconvened back in town,  Sam, Roz and Mannis team up to get JJ-4B running. Sam wants to get off Sarem and see the galaxy and offers to help them steal back the Rusted Hawk if he can come along as well. The group agrees and prepare to break into Telam Vek’s hangar. On the way to the hangar New Dominion ships are spotted on the horizon. Their search efforts have finally brought the invasion to Sarem.

JJ-4B Slices past Telam Vek’s security and the team enters through the front door. Roe and Ylime try to convince the hangar’s staff that everyone works for Telam Vek, and are investigating a possible mole within the organization. Although they are believed, the story causes a panic resulting in open gunfire. Ylime slices into the computer console at the front desk and takes control over the security turrets in the ceiling. The surviving gang members are told not to move or the turrets will gun them down.

Before they head to the ship Roz reminds the group that he cannot leave before he finds out if his friend is still alive. Ylime finds a map of the compound on the computer terminal and they decide to check the detention centre before making a break for the Rusted Hawk.  

The Scrap Yard

The escape pod crash lands on SAREM, a dusty red desert planet.

AVIIM is knocked unconscious during the crash and the stranger is badly injured. ROE and ROZ attempt to bind the man’s cracked ribs while YLIME has a look outside. She spots a large, armored speeder approaching in the distance, and warns everyone to prepare for the worst.  

The speeder belongs to a gang of scavengers hoping to profit off of the crash. The scavengers swagger in with weapons drawn and obnoxiously announce how unfortunate it are that there were no survivors from the crash. MANNIS takes this as his cue to attack and charges the group while Ylime sneaks around and take control on the gun mounted on the scavengers’ vehicle. Roe targets the leader and physically the weakest looking member of the group, tackles him to the ground taking him hostage. Seeing that they are now outgunned and outnumbered the scavengers yield and are locked inside the escape pod. The party commandeers the speeder and quickly head towards town hoping to find proper medical help for their injured teammates.

They travel to a frontier settlement that is surrounded by a 50ft wall. Although attempts to bluff their way past the town’s guards fail the guards are susceptible to a small bribe, and even inform them of a doctor that lives on the North end of the settlement. On their way North Roz spots his ship, THE RUSTED HAWK, moving in for a landing a ways away. At first he is relieved but he soon realizes that the ship is not being piloted by his friend. He separates from the group and races towards a fortified hangar at the center of town.

Dr. Sil Kaz, has set up shop in an abandoned Czerka corp bunker, and makes a living off of the junkers and gangsters that inhabit Sarem by specializing in illegal implants, and cybernetics. He is currently accompanied by a young boy who is helping to fix the doctor’s medical droid. The doctor resuscitates Aviim, and patches up the injured man who introduces himself as NELEC—a spice freighter captain who was trying to escape Sarem station due to the illegal nature of his career. He believes that if the New Dominion were searching for something on the orbiting station they will almost certainly search Sarem as well. The group  decides that they need to find a ship and get off of the planet as soon as possible. The boy offers to let them stay with him until they come up with a  plan.

Meanwhile in the center of town Roz accepts that he is not able to penetrate the hangars defences and get to his ship or even find out what happened to Hodge without some help. He heads to a cantina where he hopes to dig up some more information. Roz learns that the gangers TELAM VEK owns the local scrap yard and keeps the planet on lockdown. The Rusted Hawk would now be considered his property. Roz figures that if the gangster is going to claim his ship, he’s going to make him pay and goes to the scrapyard to find materials to make a decent bomb.

The rest of the party decide that they could probably slice past Telam Vek’s security with the help of a droid. The boy, introduced as SAM KAYSIX, says that new droids are almost unheard of on Sarem but they might have luck finding an older model at the scrap yard.

The price for a junk astromech droid on Sarem is 6000 credits, an amount that nobody in the party has access to at the moment. Ylime and Mannis speak with the junker in charge of the yard while Aviim and Roe sneak in. The two find a manifest with general locations of items and start to hunt down the needed droid.

Ylime reworks the scrap yard’s security cameras in an attempt to mask the others’ breaking and entering, but a confrontation between Ylime, Mannis and the scrap yard manager breaks out when the man becomes suspicious of their motives.   Mannis takes care of the security droids while Ylime “disables” the manager with a blaster bolt to the face. She finds his rifle under the counter and a holo of his family on his body. Ylime takes both. With the manager dead, Mannis and enters the junk yard to help locate the droid while Ylime hangs back to keep an eye on the security footage.  

Attack on Sarem Station
An Adventure Begins

The campaign starts aboard a now abandoned Republic station orbiting the planet Sarem. In a secluded alcove of the space station  DERA ROE and YLIME SEYA make contact with one another, the latter hoping to sell her secrets to the NEW DOMINION INQUISITOR.

Much to Roe’s surprise and confusion a squad of New Dominion PHASETROOPERS arrive, and proceed to sweep through the station interrogating its residents. Roe has heard nothing about this operation, and is troubled as it conflicts directly with her own mission. She and Ylime opt to keep a low profile and stay out of the conflict until the circumstances become clearer.

Nearby, the smuggler ROZ KA’VAQ and his companion AVIIM ZO'LAH race through the halls with New Dominion troopers hot on their heels. A few frantic shots are fired in in both directions but fail to hit their marks. The sound of blaster fire startles a station merchant who panics and lowers alcove’s blast shield separating Ylime, Roe, and a disheveled Besalisk man away from the commotion. Not wanting to be trapped, the besalisk, MANNIS MOLOKAI, tries to physically destroy the blast shields with his bare hands. Ylime searches for a way to override the system, and hopes to escape with Roe before they can be interrogated. On the other side of the blast doors Aviim and Roz engage the phasetroopers and a fight breaks out in earnest.

After a few unsuccessful attempts to figure out the stations security, and accidentally turning off the primary lighting on that floor, Ylime is finally able to raise the blast doors. Mannis immediately charges into the fray and attacks the troopers while Roe and Ylime use the commotion to sneak off. The elevators are locked, a sign of New Dominion search and Seizure protocol, but Ylime is able to slice past and open the doors to the lift. She is unable to get it moving at that time. The two use the cable to climb down the shaft, and are now fully aware that the New Dominion is searching for something, though neither have any idea what. From the clear elevator shaft the two of them are able to see a New Dominion HARROWER CLASS DREADNAUGHT  in nearby orbit.

Roz, Aviim and Mannis defeat the New Dominion aggressors. Roz tries to contact HODGE MESA, his friend, business partner and getaway driver. Hodge, who had been desperate to leave once he got whiff of the inspections has already fled the station. He tells Roz that they will meet up on the planet below. The three of them decide that their best bet is the escape pods on the lower levels and make their way to the elevators where they unexpectedly drop in on Ylime and Roe.

The group attempts to crawl into the turbolift from a maintenance hatch on the ceiling, but before they get the chance a trio of New Dominion troopers enters the elevator. The party listens in on a brief conversation where they discover that the New Dominion enforcer, DARTH NIFICUS is rumored to be behind the invasion, and that inquisitors may be on the station. They speculate that the nearby dreadnaught may be THE ABDICATOR. The phasetroopers activate the lift and the party clings to the roof as it descends. The troopers leave and the party waits a few moments before climbing down.

Unfortunately, upon exiting the lift they meet a second group of troopers who immediately try to stop them for questioning. Roe, simultaneously not wanting to give away information on her mission and not wanting to harm her comrades, slices through a pipe filled with steam to create a diversion. She and Aviim run from the troopers. Mannis, Roz and Ylime stay to fight. They regroup once the troopers are dispatched and eventually reach the escape pods.

A stranger in the escape pod bay informs the group that all of the pods have already released, except for one which appears to be stuck. Ylime, Roz and the stranger attempt to free it. As they get the pod working a group of bounty hunters who are fleeing the station arrive. The hunters VERTHAN, B0-55, and Celmak demand the use of the escape pod, and are prepared to fight for it. Mannis and Roe hold them off, destroying B0-55 and killing Celmak in the confrontation. Verthan is left on the station yelling for revenge as the rest of the group flees on the repaired pod.

The escape pod hurtles towards the planet Sarem.  

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