Aviim Zo'lah

Rogue Sith


Aviim Zo’lah, born to citizens of Moraband was found to be a force adept at a young age. To avoid an unfortunate accident she was sent into the academy to hone her abilities and eventually apprentice under a New Dominion Sith. Surviving the academy proved to be difficult but not impossible for Aviim. She was quick witted and cunning all through her training and strived for excellence. At 12 years of age she was given to a New Dominion Sith as an apprentice. Vanoes Hex was a human man who was never pleased with any accomplishment Aviim made. His lessons were harsh and endless. As a lesson in using pain and anger to her advantage Master Hex used his lightsaber to carve half-moons across her cheeks. His only words being; “You’re angry? Good, use that.”

Despite having a Master to train her, Aviim often sought out the company of another Sith Master. Master Vadorak told Aviim stories of the Old Sith and their teachings that the New Dominion had long since abandoned, these Old Sith fleeing the New Dominion and hiding out in the far reaches of space, continuing their ways in secret. Feeling that the old legends were true she vowed to someday find The Old Sith and join them, refusing to be a New Dominion dog. Keeping this vow in mind Aviim planned for years, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. She waited till she was out on a mission with her Master and seized her chance. She incapacitated him with force lightning before turning on the troopers and slaughtering them all. With them out of the way she went to her Master and knelt before him. Seizing her chance to exact her revenge on her Master, Aviim held the point of her lightsaber to the hollow points of his cheeks and turned it on, using his own words against him she drove the lightsaber through the rest of his skull, killing him.

Finally free of the New Dominion, Aviim lives on the run, hopping from planet to planet, city to city searching for as little as a rumour of the Old Sith. Vowing to find them, no matter how long it takes.

Aviim Zo'lah

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