Aviim Zo'lah

Rogue Sith


Grew up on a New Dominion Core World, her father was an officer on Darth Nificus’s ship. Her father is force sensitive but can not wield the force. Aviim is the only one in her family who is a force user. She went through the academy, Inquisitor training and tactics.

She is very driven and cut throat, uses her race stereotypes to her advantage, excelled and worked her way up. She was primarily used as a plant to blend in and gather information and espionage. Was placed on a planet, finished her mission, reported in before running into Hodge and Roz and figured she could use them to get information. After spending so much time with them she developed an attachment to Roz.

Captain. Zolah, her father, is a defector of the New Dominion and followed Darth Nificus. He slaughtered the loyalists of the New Dominion that were aboard his ship. Aviim’s wish is to join the Sith in their Empire. She covets knowledge of the Force and Alchemical Magics.

Aviim Zo'lah

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