Dera Roe

Sith Pureblood and New Dominion Loyalist

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Dera Roe is a pure blood sith allied to the New Dominion. She is the second child of Moff Myron Roe, who claimed full custody of her during her infancy, and diligently oversaw her upbringing. Dera received her early education at the prestigious Military Institute on Dromund Kaas, but was later admitted to the Force Adept Academy on Moraband for more specialized training.

Despite being strong with the force, Dera prefers to eschew force rituals and tricks in favour of using her gifts to augment her own physical capabilities and combat skills. She is a skilled and careful duelist, and excels at outlasting her opponents with soresu techniques.

Often calm, and level headed Dera is driven by the fear that her actions could somehow damage the New Dominion and effect her family’s reputation and position. She therefore strives to be the perfect soldier and set an example for the rest of the New Dominion military— particularly for difficult to restrain sith.

Dera Roe

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