Roz Ka Vaq


Born on Anaxes, Roz Ka Vaq was the son of Jhel Ka Vaq a retired Republic fleet captain who worked at the Azure Ship Yards as a consultant in weapons system design. Roz spent his infancy on the purple planet primarily cared for by his mother Nia Ka Vaq until he moved to Coruscant where he lived with a family friend before he was expected to serve the Republic like his parents before him.

Roz keeps much of his early life to himself. Only sharing his past with those closest to him, like Hodge Mesa a long-time friend. He took work aboard the Rusted Hawk at the age of seventeen under the employment of Ulden Mesa, Hodge’s uncle. It was during these years he and Hodge quickly became the closest of friends. Together the three outran pirates, transported supplies to the farthest known colonies, fulfilling lucrative contracts.

These joyful years quickly came to an end during what Roz calls the Threat at Vor Deo. A trade deal had gone wrong, a mercenary hired by a rival smuggler killed Ulden leaving the two without a captain and crew. Swearing to never let this happen again, Roz makes precautions and security measures his top priority when visiting the Outer Rim.

Roz Ka Vaq

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