Star Wars: An Ancient Threat

Fourteen hours have passed since the Rusted Hawk was forced aboard Darth Nificus’ ship, the Abdicator. They have only been fed once in this time, are weaponless, gearless, and their new droid companion is nowhere to be seen. Nobody is aware of the exact reasons for their detainment though the potential list is extensive.

Cohabitating the cell with them is a scarred and maimed Weequay named Seth Salcoon. He claims to be a professional hit man who has successfully assassinated a senator, but everyone is too preoccupied with their own predicament to pay him much mind.

Since there is not much to do in the cell Mannis opts to try a simple breathing exercise that his old master had taught him to focus and calm himself. He falls into a meditative trance and is granted a force vision. Mannis dreams of a helmeted man in dark armor worshiping what appears to be a holicron. Although Mannis has never seen Darth Nificus in person he recognises that that must be the person in his vision. He tells the group what he saw. Roz, having trained with the Jedi, is interested but Roe scoffs at the information.

The door to the cell finally opens and a man from the New Dominion Security Bureau, and several armed guards escort Aviim away for questioning. The group agrees that they are likely running out of time, and should an opportunity arise they will have to make a break for it.

 The bald man who was present during their arrival aboard The Abdicator takes over the interrogation of Aviim, and is convinced that the Twi’lek woman knows something about Lt. Nelec and his data disk. Roz has opted to keep Nelec’s dying request a secret and has not told anyone else out the hand off. Aviim is willing to barter a deal with the New Dominion, but does not have anything of value to them; they already know of the stolen weapons and are uninterested. The interrogator, thinking that Aviim is being willfully obstinate, orders for one of her companions to be brought to him.

The security team returns, this time making a grab for Hodge. They escort him away but one of the troopers is held back when the group begins to question him. Before the last trooper can leave to catch up with the others Roe jams the cell door, preventing it from trapping them again while Roz jumps the man and tackles him to the ground. Provoked by having his best friend taken Roz begins to beat the surprised New Dominion trooper in a fit of rage. Roe tries to restrain Roz before he kills the man. This enrages the zabrak, saying that she backed out on her word to help them escape. Roe argues that she was willing to help in the escape, but that did not include beating a prone, unarmed man to death or aiding Roz in his emotional acts of revenge.

Mannis and Sam try to get the team focused on an escape plan; they have limited time before reinforcements arrive. The weequay assassin races away determined to make it off the ship, and make the New Dominion hurt. He disappears around the corner and is rapidly gunned down. New Dominion troopers come to investigate how a prisoner escaped but Mannis convinces them (with the help of the force) that he is a New Dominion officer and he was taking the other prisoners for questioning when the assassin escaped. With Mannis at the lead the group, retrieves their stuff, their JJ unit (to have its memory core examined), and walk out of the brig relatively unmolested.

In the interrogation room, the inquisitor reaches his boiling point at not being told anything from Aviim or Hodge. He activates one of his lightsabers and impales Hodge through the chest. Through the force Roz feels his friend’s anguish, assumes the worst, and hurries off in the direction of his friends.

Roz finds Aviim with the distracted inquisitor and Hodge’s body. Quietly he helps release Aviim from her shackles, and hands her her lightsaber. The two along with Mannis attack the inquisitor. Knowing that the battleship is staffed with more New Dominion troopers than a small town, and that there would be no hope to fight through everyone, Roe and Ylime decide to run for the Rusted Hawk before reinforcements arrive. Ylime scampers off but before Roe leaves she realizes that Hodge is alive though gravely injured. Upset at the blatant lack of adherence to Interrogation Protocol followed by a man she assumes to be a fellow inquisitor Roe decides to help the Rusted Hawks’ captain as a way of making amends. She drags Hodge away, but soon finds it difficult to locate any unsecured medical equipment.

Roz, Mannis and Aviim realise that the inquisitor has them outmatched in terms of skill and equipment, but they manage to weaken him enough to flee. They regroup with Roe and Sam who have stabilized Hodge, and Ylime who had become distracted by an unguarded computer terminal and the promise of stolen information, and the group runs to where the Rusted Hawk  has been impounded, troopers hot on their heels. They reach their ship, and fly away on the now reclaimed Rusted Hawk, destroying part of The Abdicator in the process.

Upon their escape, the crew discovers that The Abdicator is in orbit around the Planet Katada, and appears to be in a standoff with a small Republic fleet. Despite the New Dominion dreadnought being close, the crew knows that Hodge’s best shot at survival lies on the nearby world. Short on time, they seek help on Katada and hopefully avoid their captors.


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