Verthan Niss


Verthan Niss is a Mandalorian of few words. Known for his quick one-liners in combat and gunslinger attitude Verthan has made a reputation for himself as an effective bounty hunter who always hits his mark. The bounty hunter is always accompanied by his repurposed republic security droid B055 when venturing off his ship the Sun Streak.

After having recently being involved in the assassination of an Alderaanian noble Verthan fled to Sarem Station to lay low before looking for work again.

Last Known Status:
After having engaged the heroes in the escape pod bay for the last lifeboat at Sarem Station he was bested in combat by Dera Roe and left behind with B055; his status is unknown, only that he was still alive when Sarem Staiton was captured by the New Dominion.


Verthan Niss

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