Star Wars: An Ancient Threat

Attack on Sarem Station

An Adventure Begins

The campaign starts aboard a now abandoned Republic station orbiting the planet Sarem. In a secluded alcove of the space station  DERA ROE and YLIME SEYA make contact with one another, the latter hoping to sell her secrets to the NEW DOMINION INQUISITOR.

Much to Roe’s surprise and confusion a squad of New Dominion PHASETROOPERS arrive, and proceed to sweep through the station interrogating its residents. Roe has heard nothing about this operation, and is troubled as it conflicts directly with her own mission. She and Ylime opt to keep a low profile and stay out of the conflict until the circumstances become clearer.

Nearby, the smuggler ROZ KA’VAQ and his companion AVIIM ZO'LAH race through the halls with New Dominion troopers hot on their heels. A few frantic shots are fired in in both directions but fail to hit their marks. The sound of blaster fire startles a station merchant who panics and lowers alcove’s blast shield separating Ylime, Roe, and a disheveled Besalisk man away from the commotion. Not wanting to be trapped, the besalisk, MANNIS MOLOKAI, tries to physically destroy the blast shields with his bare hands. Ylime searches for a way to override the system, and hopes to escape with Roe before they can be interrogated. On the other side of the blast doors Aviim and Roz engage the phasetroopers and a fight breaks out in earnest.

After a few unsuccessful attempts to figure out the stations security, and accidentally turning off the primary lighting on that floor, Ylime is finally able to raise the blast doors. Mannis immediately charges into the fray and attacks the troopers while Roe and Ylime use the commotion to sneak off. The elevators are locked, a sign of New Dominion search and Seizure protocol, but Ylime is able to slice past and open the doors to the lift. She is unable to get it moving at that time. The two use the cable to climb down the shaft, and are now fully aware that the New Dominion is searching for something, though neither have any idea what. From the clear elevator shaft the two of them are able to see a New Dominion HARROWER CLASS DREADNAUGHT  in nearby orbit.

Roz, Aviim and Mannis defeat the New Dominion aggressors. Roz tries to contact HODGE MESA, his friend, business partner and getaway driver. Hodge, who had been desperate to leave once he got whiff of the inspections has already fled the station. He tells Roz that they will meet up on the planet below. The three of them decide that their best bet is the escape pods on the lower levels and make their way to the elevators where they unexpectedly drop in on Ylime and Roe.

The group attempts to crawl into the turbolift from a maintenance hatch on the ceiling, but before they get the chance a trio of New Dominion troopers enters the elevator. The party listens in on a brief conversation where they discover that the New Dominion enforcer, DARTH NIFICUS is rumored to be behind the invasion, and that inquisitors may be on the station. They speculate that the nearby dreadnaught may be THE ABDICATOR. The phasetroopers activate the lift and the party clings to the roof as it descends. The troopers leave and the party waits a few moments before climbing down.

Unfortunately, upon exiting the lift they meet a second group of troopers who immediately try to stop them for questioning. Roe, simultaneously not wanting to give away information on her mission and not wanting to harm her comrades, slices through a pipe filled with steam to create a diversion. She and Aviim run from the troopers. Mannis, Roz and Ylime stay to fight. They regroup once the troopers are dispatched and eventually reach the escape pods.

A stranger in the escape pod bay informs the group that all of the pods have already released, except for one which appears to be stuck. Ylime, Roz and the stranger attempt to free it. As they get the pod working a group of bounty hunters who are fleeing the station arrive. The hunters VERTHAN, B0-55, and Celmak demand the use of the escape pod, and are prepared to fight for it. Mannis and Roe hold them off, destroying B0-55 and killing Celmak in the confrontation. Verthan is left on the station yelling for revenge as the rest of the group flees on the repaired pod.

The escape pod hurtles towards the planet Sarem.  


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