Star Wars: An Ancient Threat

The Scrap Yard

The escape pod crash lands on SAREM, a dusty red desert planet.

AVIIM is knocked unconscious during the crash and the stranger is badly injured. ROE and ROZ attempt to bind the man’s cracked ribs while YLIME has a look outside. She spots a large, armored speeder approaching in the distance, and warns everyone to prepare for the worst.  

The speeder belongs to a gang of scavengers hoping to profit off of the crash. The scavengers swagger in with weapons drawn and obnoxiously announce how unfortunate it are that there were no survivors from the crash. MANNIS takes this as his cue to attack and charges the group while Ylime sneaks around and take control on the gun mounted on the scavengers’ vehicle. Roe targets the leader and physically the weakest looking member of the group, tackles him to the ground taking him hostage. Seeing that they are now outgunned and outnumbered the scavengers yield and are locked inside the escape pod. The party commandeers the speeder and quickly head towards town hoping to find proper medical help for their injured teammates.

They travel to a frontier settlement that is surrounded by a 50ft wall. Although attempts to bluff their way past the town’s guards fail the guards are susceptible to a small bribe, and even inform them of a doctor that lives on the North end of the settlement. On their way North Roz spots his ship, THE RUSTED HAWK, moving in for a landing a ways away. At first he is relieved but he soon realizes that the ship is not being piloted by his friend. He separates from the group and races towards a fortified hangar at the center of town.

Dr. Sil Kaz, has set up shop in an abandoned Czerka corp bunker, and makes a living off of the junkers and gangsters that inhabit Sarem by specializing in illegal implants, and cybernetics. He is currently accompanied by a young boy who is helping to fix the doctor’s medical droid. The doctor resuscitates Aviim, and patches up the injured man who introduces himself as NELEC—a spice freighter captain who was trying to escape Sarem station due to the illegal nature of his career. He believes that if the New Dominion were searching for something on the orbiting station they will almost certainly search Sarem as well. The group  decides that they need to find a ship and get off of the planet as soon as possible. The boy offers to let them stay with him until they come up with a  plan.

Meanwhile in the center of town Roz accepts that he is not able to penetrate the hangars defences and get to his ship or even find out what happened to Hodge without some help. He heads to a cantina where he hopes to dig up some more information. Roz learns that the gangers TELAM VEK owns the local scrap yard and keeps the planet on lockdown. The Rusted Hawk would now be considered his property. Roz figures that if the gangster is going to claim his ship, he’s going to make him pay and goes to the scrapyard to find materials to make a decent bomb.

The rest of the party decide that they could probably slice past Telam Vek’s security with the help of a droid. The boy, introduced as SAM KAYSIX, says that new droids are almost unheard of on Sarem but they might have luck finding an older model at the scrap yard.

The price for a junk astromech droid on Sarem is 6000 credits, an amount that nobody in the party has access to at the moment. Ylime and Mannis speak with the junker in charge of the yard while Aviim and Roe sneak in. The two find a manifest with general locations of items and start to hunt down the needed droid.

Ylime reworks the scrap yard’s security cameras in an attempt to mask the others’ breaking and entering, but a confrontation between Ylime, Mannis and the scrap yard manager breaks out when the man becomes suspicious of their motives.   Mannis takes care of the security droids while Ylime “disables” the manager with a blaster bolt to the face. She finds his rifle under the counter and a holo of his family on his body. Ylime takes both. With the manager dead, Mannis and enters the junk yard to help locate the droid while Ylime hangs back to keep an eye on the security footage.  


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