Star Wars: An Ancient Threat

Retrieving the Rusted Hawk

Day 4

In the detention centre Hodge Mesa is discovered to be alive, but incarcerated. While trying to free him, the party is ambushed by a group of Telam Vek’s men. The newly repaired JJ-4B releases Hodge from his cell as the rest take care of the attackers. An argument between Roz and Hodge breaks out over whole sale prices and it is revealed that their ship is stuffed with crates of stolen New Dominion weapons. The two believe that the New Dominion must be after them. Cpt. Nelec and Roe do not agree with assessment and Roe is adamant that Nificus would never be sent to personally deal with a pair of smugglers.

While searching through the radio chatter Roz overhears that New Dominion personnel are present at Telam Vek’s hangar—presumably continuing their search, and that more scavengers have been alerted to the break in as well. Knowing that the New Dominion helmets cannot protect against poison gas, Ylime and Roz decide that it should be possible to vent the reactors and hopefully take care of the approaching men. The togruta slicer also takes a moment to attach Telam Vek’s self destruct system to her gauntlet—just in case. Not wanting to be involved in the slow painful death of her countrymen Roe uses her own communicator to impersonate an officer and relocate the New Dominion troopers to another sector of the hangar where they will be safe from the harmful gas.

In the corridor on their way to the hangar where the Rusted Hawk is parked the party’s progress is stopped by Telam Vek and a few gangsters. Telam Vek is an aging Twi’lek, past his prime, but is heavily armed.  Ylime is determined to end this as quickly as possible abnd races back to the jail with the majority of the group. Roe (who has a breather capable of filtering toxins), and Mannis (who doesn't’t like to be told the odds) stay back to keep Telam and his men from pursuing the others. Ylime uses the security console in the detention centre to seal the corridor Mannis and Roe are fighting in and promptly floods the enclosed space with toxic fumes. Telam and his gang succumb quickly to a combination of the poison and wounds sustained in the fight leaving the door to the hangar clear.

The Rusted Hawk itself is surround by New Dominion troopers. Roz rushes in to create a distraction, and the rest of the group makes a b-line for the ship. Captain Nelec who is still recovering from his earlier injuries has trouble keeping up and is shot several times in the back. Mannis pulls him onto the ship but it is obvious that he will not last long. As soon as Roz jumps aboard the Rusted Hawk takes off with Aviim and Hodge piloting. Ylime concludes that they cannot risk being chased by the New Dominion vessels, and activates the self-destruct sequence at the compound. Telam Vek’s fortress and the better part of the Sarem outpost go up in a cloud of smoke.

The new crew of the Rusted Hawk are occupied with making a getaway; Roz goes to see if anything can be done for the dying Nelec. Nelec retrieves a data disk from inside his coat and hands it off to Roz urging him to get the information to the Renegades. Roz pockets the disk, but says nothing as the informantbpasses away.

The team wants to jump to hyperspace and run, but the Dreadnaught from earlier catches the Rusted Hawk in its tractor beam. Roe is incredulous that so much effort is being put into detaining this one ship (even if it is brimming with stolen weapons), and finally pieces together that Nelec may be what the New Dominion was searching for this whole time. She goes to investigate and upon ripping through the dead man’s personal effects finds New Dominion dog tags designated to a Lt. Nelec.

The rusted Hawk is pulled into the belly of the dreadnought and the crew is told to disembark. Upon exiting the ship Aviim spots a tall, bald, man clad in black robes watching them from a viewing platform.


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