Star Wars: An Ancient Threat

Telam Vek's Fortress

Day 3

The team meets up in the junk yard to hunt down the astromech. Roz fashions a sled out of scrap parts to help them transport the droid, a broken JJ unit. He is confident that he’ll be able to get it up and running once they’re out of danger. Although he knows that the new plan is to slice their way into the hanger Roz has been somewhat successful finding parts to build a bomb and wants to finish what was started.

Ylime realises that despite everyone’s best efforts, the security system has been tripped and sees over the camera a group of junkers coming to investigate the disturbance. Mannis grabs the astromech droid carries it back to town while the rest hold off the newly arrived junkers. Ylime provides support over the communicators. The junkers call backup, but before the group can be overrun Roz tells them to run and detonates his makeshift bomb. The bomb sets off a chain of explosions that destroy the entirety of the scrap yard.

Once everyone has reconvened back in town,  Sam, Roz and Mannis team up to get JJ-4B running. Sam wants to get off Sarem and see the galaxy and offers to help them steal back the Rusted Hawk if he can come along as well. The group agrees and prepare to break into Telam Vek’s hangar. On the way to the hangar New Dominion ships are spotted on the horizon. Their search efforts have finally brought the invasion to Sarem.

JJ-4B Slices past Telam Vek’s security and the team enters through the front door. Roe and Ylime try to convince the hangar’s staff that everyone works for Telam Vek, and are investigating a possible mole within the organization. Although they are believed, the story causes a panic resulting in open gunfire. Ylime slices into the computer console at the front desk and takes control over the security turrets in the ceiling. The surviving gang members are told not to move or the turrets will gun them down.

Before they head to the ship Roz reminds the group that he cannot leave before he finds out if his friend is still alive. Ylime finds a map of the compound on the computer terminal and they decide to check the detention centre before making a break for the Rusted Hawk.  


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